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Fennel is a shy little fox who just moved into town. After discovering the local arcade, he makes new friends and gets swept up in a whirlwind adventure to save it from being shut down at the paws of greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom!

Button City is a colorful low poly narrative adventure game about friendship and community. Enter a pastel diorama world inspired by 90’s nostalgia and filled with cute characters to befriend. Complete quirky quests around town, play arcade games, collect fun costumes, solve puzzles and more as you follow a story about growing up and saving the things that are important to you.

  • Explore a beautiful and lovingly crafted world in a low poly art style.
  • Befriend a cast of charming animal characters.
  • Complete fun and silly side quests at your own pace.
  • Master arcade games to unlock new game modes and prize items!
  • Dress up in fun costumes and decorate your room.

Gobabots is the latest craze sweeping the arcade. Two teams of four cute fruit robots battle it out in an intergalactic competition to make the biggest smoothie! Each Gobabot has its own unique weapons and attacks -- collect them all at the arcade prize counter, form your perfect team, and become arcade champions!

★ Zoom down Watermelon Mountain in tuned-up electric cars in rEVolution Racer, a pastel take on classic arcade racing games. Race as Evie in her custom EV Sprinter against her fierce rival Spin. Drift to charge your batteries then unleash extreme boosts to speed past the competition!

Prisma Beats is a rainbow rhythm game with funky visuals and awesome tunes! Hit notes on the beat and show off your best dance moves -- and try out the challenge modes, if you’re feeling competitive



Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this fluff arcade adventure you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Button City Windows 380 MB
Button City macOS 390 MB

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I absolutely love this game, it's delightful! The character writing is excellent, way more engaging than I expected. I think it can be difficult to portray likeable, believable-feeling child characters, and this game nails it! I got really good in the racing game but am forever a rhythm game struggler, haha.
I'll definitely replay it in the future and try to complete every sidequest!

Thank you! Super glad you enjoyed it! For the rhythm game you can also use the 1234 keys on the keyboard which I personally prefer since it lines up better for the notes.

Ohh I didn't realize that! I did find a weird grip on my controller that worked with the notes, but I'm going to try that on my replay run, thanks! (And good luck on Soccer Days, I'm looking forward to it!)

Cute characters, cute graphics, cute gameplay, cute game

Was looking forward to it once it was announced on Steam and finally got a chance to purchase and play it!

Super colourful and fun just like I imagined, BUT way cuter! Adorable game.

This was such a cute game! 


I didn't know what to expect, but wow!!! I'm blown away by everything here. The story isn't childish, the child characters are full of personality and it gave me a good chuckle. The minigames are full of personality and the mods give them even more flavor. Some side quests are fetch quests but you learn a lot about the characters that are involved. The minigame side quests were challenging, but getting over the initial difficulty hump felt satisfying as you learn (God, the drifting? felt so good. I hate racing games with a passion but THIS game managed to make it fun for me). The automated camera movement gave me some motion sickness but turning it off fixed it! As others have pointed out, the controls are somewhat janky, but I adjusted my control style a couple of hours into the game. I think I finished everything there is in this game. Got the end game gogabot and beat everyone in racing and dancing too B). runs smoothly on my laptop, i love the low poly style.

An absolute delight all the way through! I'm normally not too invested in a game carried so strongly by pure vibes, but I genuinely enjoyed my time with the characters and the aesthetic.

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as much as i wanted to love this game, i couldnt even remotely enjoy it. the controls are ABYSMAL, and some cannot be remapped (i tried mapping camera rotation to arrow keys, but wasnt able to, nor could i unmap movement from the arrow keys). aside from that, the game just feels sluggish to play, interacting with objects feels terrible, even progressing text feels bad.

visually gorgeous game, and i really wanted to get to some of the parts shown off in the preview gifs, but it is such an innately unfun game to play that i couldnt progress very far at all. i could not recommend this to ANYONE


Hi Sunspotty thanks for the comment and sorry that the game didn't vibe with you. I'm a bit concerned on the remapping controls issue though since we put a lot of work into that. We are going to release an update to the game to allow for remapping within Arcade games in the future but if none of the remapping worked for you that is a concern. If you haven't tried the other supported control inputs like mouse or controller that may be a viable option for you.

going to post another comment about this, the game has some issues mechanically, quite a lot of bugs that can also include accidental sequence breaking and a softlock, so those could definitely use some work

that said though, I loved absolutely everything else, the characters are great, I enjoyed the story, the games within the game are pretty easy (aside from the rhythm one) but they are still fun enough to play, the art is adorable, and the music is top notch, definitely recommend it

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Really enjoying the game so far, but I think I've been softlocked. I'm on the part of the "Chilling with Lavender" quest where you have to go to the park, but when I go there I can't progress. When I went there, the first person I talked to was the kid for the "ORTHOPLEX" quest (earlier than I was supposed to, I had just interrogated the fruit stand lady but hadn't gone back to Cilantro to tell them about it, no idea how much of the quest I accidentally skipped). Now when I go back to the park wearing the costume, Lavender isn't there anymore, and the three NPCs that are there, Ginger, SuperGerzinganZ, and Thyme, don't seem to progress the quest, so I can't go any further in the game. I also can't seem to find Lavender anywhere, they aren't in the apartment either.

Update: I got it to trigger. Not sure what exactly caused it, but when I challenged and beat SuperGerzinganZ at Gobabots, then zoomed out and back in again, Lavender reappeared and said the same lines from right before I talked to the kid; when I went and talked to SuperGerzinganZ again the quest continued as normal. Seems like everything's okay now, I don't know what went wrong before.


wanted to leave a review but since apparently those don’t show up publicly, i’m just copypasting it here:

was surprised to see this in the bundle! the gameplay is very narrative-based, a lot of it is walking from point A to B and talking to characters. so it might not really be for everyone, but if wholesome casual games with lots of furries are your thing you should 100% check it out. ​the game really draws you in with how lighthearted its presentation is, which made it all the more emotional for me when the storyline started getting serious. i’d recommend it for the presentation and the story alone, though there’s way more things to do and explore in the game itself besides that. there’s a few bugs, but they don’t really get in the way of exploring everything the game has to offer. 5/5

i’ll also list a bug i came across, which is that the quest where Fennel has to play for the Tuff Fluffs can be skipped. while this quest was active, i went exploring and visited Chive’s house which started the decorations quest. playing through that quest had me end up in the arcade, where i did get the option to complete the Tuff Fluffs quest, but i walked out of the top floor so i could complete the decorations quest first. this resulted in me completing the quest and the main storyline, without ever having completed the Tuff Fluffs quest, and it seems like there’s no way to complete it after the game is finished, so it just sits uncompleted in my quest log. i’ll probably replay the game and complete the quest normally, but it would be nice to see this fixed. :)


I love the diversity in the characters and that the story tackles many topics we rarely see in video games while still keeping it's focus.
The visuals are very cute and the artists did a great job making the most of the style with very expressive animations and framing.

Play time was around 8 hours for me for anyone who cares.

The game has a few bugs, but I fortunately encountered only a single "significant" one (could not complete one of the side quests).

The gameplay itself is a bit "sloggy" at times. Some quests let you do pointless trips from A to B to A to B to A to B without much meaning behind hit.
I can see the merit for the designers and artists to know exactly where the player is at a certain time but the choice to move the character to a specific interaction point for every interaction made the controls feel quite unresponsive.
The Inventory system is rough. It's often not clear what an item does or how to use it. With all kinds of items mixed (cosmetics, consumables, quest items, mini-game modifiers) it's also very messy. Fortunately most interactions with the inventory are optional.

One major problem I had was with the rhythm mini-game.
The objects themselves don't show an input direction and that made it unreasonably hard for me to process what I had to press. I couldn't win a single round of it :(

Overall I think this game is a little yet rough indie gem that I can highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality narrative driven game.

+1 on the rhythm minigame. playing it with a keyboard made it a bit easier, but i was more focused on looking at the UI to tell which keys i needed to press rather than actually playing the game properly.

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really great game, but it can be quite buggy at time

right now for example my save is essentially softlocked because the only thing showing up on my screen after loading in is black

Hi thank you for playing I’m glad you’re enjoying it and sorry about the bugs.

If you email us at support@subliminalgaming.com we can fix your save file.

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Really cute game so far but i had to restart because if you exit to arcade during the first battle it permanantly stops the tutorial.


Hey thanks for letting us know. I'll add that to our bug board to be fixed in a future update.

Thank you! another thing i noticed is that after the first tuff squad battle it will say you won even if you lost. i dont know if thats on purpose or not.

Not on purpose for sure. We do give the option to skip battles but you have to quit out of the match to do that. If it's hitting 0 time and it says you won then that's a bug. A nice cute bug that tells you that you won but one that will go up on the board anyways.


Made a video about it for french viewers ! It's such a cute game, I really enjoyed it ! 

Yay that was super fun to watch! Super enjoyed even though we don't speak French!


Thank you for taking the time to watch it! :D

It's like the spinoff to Animal Crossing! Neat.


Nice Game Dude

Thanks buddy!


This is like a game i'd play in my dreams! Neat.

Hi. Are you planing to publish the game on the web too?

We would have to look into it and how it might work, especially with our saving and loading system. You can play our demo online here though. https://www.trail.gg/games/ButtonCity

Nice! If you are interested in publishing it to our platform, www.play-games.com, please let me know.



i like fox B)


nods in agreement